Bitfinex Review Is It Trustworthy?

The Reference Assets also have risks attached to themselves. They are riskier in the sense that these assets have no history in the market. Tether Gold-Based market risks are when the prices get fluctuated according to the price of gold in the market. Due to the hacks that have occurred, Bitfinex has increased security. Bitfinex is considered one of the oldest exchanges operating today. While this is true, there have been hacks for this company, which were described above.

is bitfinex trustworthy

The professional traders or corporate accounts get verified faster. It maintains the standard compliance measures to avoid money laundering and other maligned happenings. Initially, it began as a platform for peer-to-peer margin lending for Bitcoin alone. With time, it added more support for cryptocurrencies by allowing to exchangeEOS,Ethereum,Ripple,Litecoin,NEO,Bitcoin, and various other digital assets with the least slippage. With the most liquidity, it is of the longest-running platforms.

Bitfinex vs Kraken

You can use BTC, USDT, ZRX, ETH, etc., for lending and the payout options are very easy. As a trader, you will not have trouble navigating around the lending services dashboard either. After you have added sufficient funds, you can select the cryptocurrency or digital token you want to buy. As we said, Bitfinex supports an immense variety of tokens, and you can choose any of them. Once you have got the account approved, you have to set up the payment processors.

But for experienced UK traders and investors, our Bitfinex review tells us that eToro might be a better platform. The main reason is that eToro is regulated by UK’s top regulator, which is the Financial Conduct Authority. Furthermore, eToro doesn’t require the hassle of getting familiar with how crypto platforms work and storing the coins on a hard wallet to keep the users’ funds safe and secure.

Advanced verification tools, including tracking login data for unusual activity, detecting IP address change, login notification, and more. Maker fees start at 0.02% and decrease to -0.01%, while taker fees range from 0.06% to 0.035%. Maker fees start at 0.1% and decrease to 0%, while taker fees start at 0.2% and decrease to 0.055%. 27% of profits among LEO holders, who also receive lower fees. Holding some LEO is an efficient strategy for long-term users.

What cryptocurrencies does Bitfinex support?

Bitfinex has advanced its security measures using bare-metal servers with premium hardware to have complete control of its core infrastructure. The 2FA is used with Google Authenticator on Android and Apple devices, and it’s also used with the Physical Security Key using FIDO Universal 2nd Factor . Some assets will also charge you a withdrawal fee, but others won’t. Similarly, you will have to pay a fee to withdraw the funds into your bank account with the bank transfer method. In addition, if you decide to withdraw a digital asset towards another Bitfinex user’s address, that is free of charge. Reading through various best crypto exchange reviews online, you’re bound to notice that one of the things that most of these exchanges have in common is that they are very simple to use.

is bitfinex trustworthy

In case of fiat deposits and withdrawals, a minimum of USD/EUR/GBP and 1M JPY is set. Since 2012, Alex Hastedt has been fully immersed in the world of cryptocurrency. Since then, he’s continually educated himself on the latest developments within the crypto space.

He earns cash back on purchases using KOHO, monitors his credit score for free using Borrowell, and earns interest on savings through EQ Bank. Enoch Omololu is a personal finance expert and a veterinarian. In Agricultural Economics from the University of Manitoba and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the bitfinex review University of Ibadan. Enoch is passionate about helping others win with their finances and has been writing about money matters for over a decade. While the Bitfinex exchange appears to be generally safe, it is worth noting its checkered history. Bitfinex has had several incidents where its customers lost money.

Options To Lend Margin And Trade On Margin

Bitfinex affiliate program is also of note, as it allows users to earn an unlimited commission from referrals. Think of this as a pumped-up refer a friend scheme and you would be on the right track. Withdrawal fees can be as high as 1% if you need to get your funds urgently, so be careful. More detailed information about Bitfinex fees is available on a dedicated page on its website. Among the most popular coins are EOS, Litecoin , Ripple , Monero , and IOTA. The former is a rarer coin that is available for purchase on just a few platforms right now, so Bitifinex has a slight edge on the competition here.

Users can also get access to API access and advanced charting functionality. Bitfinex also has a crypto loan service called Bitfinex Borrow. This service allows you to borrow crypto and fiat currencies by submitting the coins you have as collateral. For instance, you can borrow 100USD by providing the corresponding amount of BTC as the collateral.

  •‘s trading platform’s interface can be customized.
  • Select the market you want to trade in, and from here, you’re free to determine the price, quantity, and type of orders you would like to execute.
  • Also, you may need some more time to understand all the features of the exchange/trading platform.
  • Read fact-based BitDegree crypto reviews, tutorials & comparisons – make an informed decision by choosing only the most secure & trustful crypto companies.
  • The Co-Location Device– This allows Bitfinex to provide the fastest trading speed.

On top of high fees, it is also frustrating that you can only deposit fiat money via a bank transfer. We are also concerned that the exchange operates unregulated and that it has been in receipt of multiple major hacks. The trading area at Bitfinex is most commonly used by intermediate or expert traders, as the platform offers a good selection of chart analysis tools. In terms of depositing and withdrawing funds, the only payment method supported is a bank transfer, other than cryptocurrencies. Bitfinex is a major cryptocurrency exchange that is hugely popular with online traders.


To buy Bitcoins in Bitfinex, you need to follow a sequence of easy steps. The Co-Location Device– This allows Bitfinex to provide the fastest trading speed. Many people also don’t know that Bitfinex is the first to offer a dedicated low-latency connectivity solution. However, the following solutions are supported round-the-clock assistance.

Borrowing terms such as amount, interest, and duration can be decided upon by the client automatically. Bitfinex offers a native mobile app on both Google Play and the iTunes Store, free of charge. The app allows you to trade, access your wallet, fund your account, receive notifications and check your transaction history.

Bitfinex is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides its services via a web-based platform and a mobile app. Bitfinex is operated by iFinex Inc., a Hong Kong based company. Bitfinex offers the most liquid order book in the world, allowing users to easily exchange the major cryptocurrencies. Bitfinex is one of the world’s largest and most advanced bitcoin trading platform that is more suitable for experienced traders. Security of funds and user information is top priority, security systems are constantly upgraded and tested to ensure that Bitfinex is exceeding industry-best standards. Fees at Bitfinex are relatively fair when compared to the competition, they are 0.20% for the “takers” and 0.10% for the “makers”.

But you may need more time to understand the Taker-Maker fee structure it is following. According to the system, you may have to pay either the Taker’s fee or Maker’s fee based on which side of the trade you are. As we would expect from a reliable digital currency exchange, it is straightforward about the fees. However, we think we should look at these attacks and the following actions from Bitfinex from a positive vantage point. The attacks allowed the crypto exchange to understand the problems in the security system and fix them effectively.

Bitfinex has been fined by U.S. federal and state government agencies several times for violations, including misleading customers. However, before you get started, it’s important to know that Bitfinex has a history of regulatory challenges, including multiple fines from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Good for low fees and high liquidity when actively trading and investing. I will also leave Bitfinex and warn others about the flash crash.

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Investment Portfolio: What It Is and How to Build a Good One

One can quickly gauge the risk tolerance level of an investor from the component of their portfolio. I’ve followed Warren Buffett’s investment portfolio for more than a decade and read his annual report to shareholders investment portfolio example india every year. The Oracle of Omaha always offers great insight into investing and his Berkshire Hathaway has returned an average 20%+ for decades, way higher than the return on the rest of the market.

investment portfolio example india

I will try to write an article on late investors/savers to maximize savings.. In a way, compounding, helps you build a large corpus over a period of time even with a small initial investment. NSC is a low risk, fixed income instrument that can be easily opened at any post office. National Savings Certificate comes with two fixed maturity periods of 5 years and 10 years. You can also invest in Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme regulated by the government and RBI.

If building an investment portfolio from scratch sounds like a chore, you can still invest and manage your money without taking the DIY route. They take your risk tolerance and overall goals into account and build and manage an investment portfolio for you. And one term people often use is „investment portfolio,” which refers to all of your invested assets. The investing information provided on this page is for educational purposes only. NerdWallet does not offer advisory or brokerage services, nor does it recommend or advise investors to buy or sell particular stocks, securities or other investments.

Aggressive portfolios potentially offer higher-returns, but in exchange for more volatility and risk. Conservative portfolios typically have lower volatility and can protect capital more reliably. This usually comes down to how large their stock allocation is, and what types of stocks they have. It can also help make you more comfortable with your portfolio so that you can ride out tough periods in the market. Past performance of the investment funds do not indicate the future performance of the same.

These funds have given spectacular returns in recent years, but also carry high risks. Every investment plan in India comes with some amount of risk, especially in cases where the returns are entirely dependent on the market fluctuations. Choosing between the investment options in India becomes more comfortable when you consider the risk-return possibility of all the investment plans. As a smart investor, it is crucial that you diversify your financial portfolio by including more than one investment plans – each across varying risk profiles and based on your financial needs. An investment portfolio is a collection of assets and can include investments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. An investment portfolio is more of a concept than a physical space, especially in the age of digital investing, but it can be helpful to think of all your assets under one metaphorical roof.


Then, it has 30% in foreign equities, including 15% in emerging markets , 10% in developed markets , and 5% in an international dividend growth fund . Then, it has 35% in foreign equities, including 15% in emerging markets , 10% in developed markets , and 10% in an international dividend growth fund . On the other hand, buying individual stocks can tailor your portfolio to meet your specific needs.

  • I then looked through each sector to pick the highest quality companies with good dividend yields.
  • One, bank deposit rates have come down and are likely to fall further.
  • Overall, ULIPs are essentially life insurance plans that offer an additional feature of investing your money in different money-market linked assets based on your goals.
  • Combining this with Joel Greenblatt’s ROC and Earnings Yield formulas, “the Magic Formula,” we have a selection of stocks that beat the market 5 of the last seven years.
  • BitcoinBitcoin is a digital currency that came into existence in January 2009, speculated to be created by Satoshi Nakamato, whose true identity is yet to be authenticated.
  • In fact, most money experts encourage younger investors to focus heavily on riskier investments and then shift to less risky investments over time.

Selected and managed with input from the team who brought you Fund-O-Meter and stock-o-meter, whose research and information has made them a popular choice with investors. Full details of our methodology, including how the model portfolios are constructed and managed, can be found here. Since 2050 is still a ways away, this fund will contain more risky investments such as stocks. However, as it gets closer and closer to 2050, the fund will automatically adjust to contain safer investments such as bonds, because you’re getting closer to retirement age. BUT the coolest thing about asset allocation is that you can actually reduce risk while maintaining a solid return.

The Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip is another winner, topping the mid-cap category with over 23% returns in the past three years. Not everyone is comfortable with the high returns that accompany high risks. Those seeking comparatively stable but lower returns should go for the Stable Wealth portfolio that adopts a balanced approach and puts only 60-65% in equities.

ULIPs (Unit Linked Insurance Plans)

The value of the bonds is assessed in multiples of the gold gram. Unlike, liquid MF the money is invested in bonds and other instruments with a maturity period of more than 91 days but less than 1 year. The returns vary depending on the combination of equity, debt or hybrid funds. Investments in ULIPs gives you a wealth creation option along with life cover. The premium paid for ULIPs is eligible for deduction under section 80C. Additionally, the returns on maturity are exempt under section 10.

In spite of the dollar strengthening against the rupee, Indian indices have outperformed the global indices by 5% to 25%, depending on which international market you look at . Indian equity markets have been among the best performers over the last one year. Many investors who began to diversify their portfolios relatively recently have not had a great start to their international diversification strategy. Mutual fund dealers allow you to compare the funds based on different metrics, such as level of risk, return, and price.

Overseas Portfolio Investors are investors who invest in foreign portfolios. Portfolio that comprises large-cap value stock, investment-grade bonds, cash equivalents, market index funds, etc. Conversely, individuals with a high-risk appetite may include investments like small-cap and large-cap growth stock, high-yield bonds, gold, oil, real estate, etc. in their portfolio.

investment portfolio example india

The best way to do this is by following a disciplined asset allocation strategy. I’m not going to try predicting the next stock market tumble but there will always be one coming. When it happens, only investors that have investments in the safety of bonds and other asset classes will be able to sleep at night. However, this is not the case because dividends and coupons are frequently reinvested when investing in an income portfolio.

The No Brainer Portfolio’s disadvantage is high exposure to the risks of Europe and the US small-cap market. The Dividend Kings or Dividend Aristocrats strategy essentially means investing in companies with a long history of continually paying and increasing dividends. Do you want to find companies that are continually raising their dividends? It is a wise move as businesses that have significant dividend growth are usually growing sales and market dominance.

What Are Examples of Long-Term Investments?

Debt funds are sensitive to interest rate movements and will lose money if interest rates go up. Their one-year returns are only 2.6%, which is less than what a savings bank account offers. Balanced funds divide their corpus between debt and equity, giving investors the best of both worlds. The equity portion generates returns when markets are doing well, and the debt portion acts as a cushion when equities are headed southwards. It is here that the SIP approach proves beneficial for investors. Even if the market corrects and the funds slip, the investor stands to benefit because he can get more units with the same SIP sum.

investment portfolio example india

The RBI’s and the Finance Ministry’s recent steps will also help India become an investment hotspot in an otherwise lackadaisical scenario. Most Foreign Portfolio Investors will look to invest in countries that have a stable Government, a well-rounded bureaucracy, and a diversified market. The high liquidity of Foreign Portfolio Investment means that a lower risk factor is a crucial pre-requisite. Ensures that the speculation on the part of an investor pays off well. There are several factors that come together and form a dynamic economy.

People like me were a die-hard fan of Google Finance’s stock screener. I used to track all my stock holdings in their portfolio tracker. He stresses that this may not be the right portfolio for you, but many take it as a starting point for a well-balanced portfolio.

Fund Performance

India’s market is largely untapped and holds enormous potential. The Indian Government has already framed rules including merging NRI investment routes with FPIs and allowing the purchase of listed debt securities. If you want to know more about some of the top indian investors please go toDalal Street’s not-so famous top investors andTop 20 wealth wizards of Dalal Street. DividendsDividends refer to the portion of business earnings paid to the shareholders as gratitude for investing in the company’s equity. For this, we will imagine a treasury bond that yields a return of 2% per annum. Treasury bonds are considered risk-free because the US government backs them.

Savings and Income plans and protection plans are two categories of life insurance that come under the low risk category. There is no identifiable investment component in such life insurance plans, i.e. these insurance plans do not offer market-linked returns. Instead, these life insurance plans serve as a robust financial safety net for your family and efficient protection against life’s uncertainties. By investing in these investment plans, you can be sure that your loved ones remain financially secure, even in your absence. Having different investment plans in your portfolio will help you avail of significant returns on your investments. At maturity, you will receive the returns with profit in your pocket.

As per most of the investment advisors, a maximum of 10% of the total investable money can be contributed towards such a fund. IPOs and NPOs can be some of the gambling game portfolio constituents. Balanced funds, target-date funds, and hybrid funds are all examples of hybrid funds.

While Indian equity markets have been only marginally negative over the last one year in rupee terms, other geographies are down between 7% and 30% over the same period. However, as the investment horizon becomes longer, many markets start to perform better than Indian markets . The picture is not very different when you look at all the market returns in dollar terms.

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